What New Mums Really Want For Mother’s Day

This year we decided to ask our DockATot community on Instagram what it was they really wanted for Mother’s Day, and over 50 new mums responded to tell us what would truly make their day.
  • Roma Patel
  • February 25, 2021

At this time of year the sight of daffodils appearing is a helpful reminder. Mother's Day is almost here! This day means such a lot to all the women who dedicate their lives to bringing up their little ones.

For first time mums, or those who've had a new addition to the family since last year, Mother’s Day definitely has an extra significance. It's an important opportunity for mums to feel appreciated for all the work they do behind the scenes to care for their children.Mother caring for her babyBut how do you find the perfect gift for this special occasion? After all, what do new mums really want for Mother’s Day?

This year we decided to ask our DockATot community on Instagram what it was they really wanted for Mother’s Day, and over 50 new mums responded to tell us what would truly make their day.

So if you're wondering what to get for a new mum to celebrate the occasion, here are some gifts that are sure to be well received.

A lazy Sunday morning

It’s no surprise that the most sought after Mother’s day gift for our new mums is more sleep!

Well, you may not be able to convince your under-one to sleep through the night simply because it's a special occasion. But what many of the new mums would love is a weekend lie in (or even an afternoon nap) and this is far easier to provide.

As a dad, taking the baby downstairs for an hour or so after the early morning feed means your partner can enjoy a well-deserved lazy morning under the covers. You could even bring her breakfast in bed to seal the deal.Breakfast in bed

A place to create memories

It can be sweet to buy a present that will be enjoyed by both mother and baby together. One of our new mums said a tepee tent would be her ideal mother’s day gift. A cosy haven to snuggle up in.

We collaborated with Morris & Co to create our new range of tepees in exquisite prints. From the delicate floral patterns of La Vie En Rose to the lavish Strawberry Thief print, these statement pieces add a sense of luxury to your baby decor.Besides the tepees the Morris & Co collection includes cushions and throws in sumptuous designs, all ideal for creating a space where mum and baby can relax together and create dreamy memories. Not to mention the perfect photo opportunity.

A sentimental touch

For many new mums, what means most to them is to feel appreciated. A thoughtful card with a heartfelt message can go a long way in lifting the spirits of a tired new mum.

The first year of a baby’s life can go past as a bit of a blur. Why not create something sentimental that can be looked back on in years to come? Perhaps you could mark your baby’s footprints in a clay ornament, or print some of your favourite new family photos. Even a handmade card with the baby’s handprint can become a keepsake that will be treasured forever.

Time to herself

Caring for a little one is an all-consuming task – especially in those first few months. It can be challenging to find time for oneself, as mothers prioritise the infant’s needs day after day. There was a clear trend among our responses that what many mums long for is a little 'me' time; time to enjoy a coffee, eat a whole slice of cake, relax in the bath or read a book.

Dontbuyherflowers have a range of thoughtful “me time” gift sets, to send the message that she deserves some time to herself. Combinations of magazines, candles, yummy snacks and decadent drinks make these gift boxes an attentive and delightful option.

Something useful

For mums that prefer practical gifts, there's nothing better than a gift that makes their life easier. Ideas from our new mums' responses included comfy pyjamas, new clothes and a DockATot to be able to put their baby down in.

But of course, at DockATot, we believe products should never be merely practical without also being beautiful. Our products blend fashion with function - the dream combination.Clutch changersOur new clutch changer is the perfect gift for a lady who likes to combine motherhood with a high fashion lifestyle. These sleek new clutches provide the solution to baby changing needs without the bulk of a large bag. You can choose between the Signature bronzed cheetah print or the Luxe camouflage design.

If you're not sure of her preferred style, a gift card gives her a chance to treat herself to something from our range that she may not have had a chance to splash-out on before.

Spoil her with a spa treat

Another popular request from our new mums: some pampering. Whether it’s vouchers for a spa treatment once restrictions are lifted, or home spa products like a face mask and massager, go for something that will remind her how beautiful she is.

Many of our mums longed for a hot bubbly bath to relax in, so if baths are her thing you can make her day by buying her some bath treats, pouring her a drink and taking charge of parenting duties for the next hour to give her an undisturbed soak. 

The secret to what new mums really want for Mother’s Day

As one of our new mums phrased it, what most new mums really want for Mother’s Day is a “thank you”. Whether that takes the form of tried and tested flowers, an addition to her nursery décor or simply some time to relax, the most important message of all is simple. Thank you. Thank you for all the love, care and attention you dedicate to your little one. Thank you for being such a great mum.

That’s what Mother’s Day is really about. 

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